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If you ever feel embarrassed or ashamed by something just know that the first version of FF14 is considered so bad that Square Enix canonically summoned Bahamut to blow up the old game so it literally doesn’t exist.

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My thoughts on the Zoe Quinn controversy

I don’t really know enough about the issue to have an informed opinion either way

that said, I could really go for some Five Guys right now, like seriously, goddamn




things i would rather do than go to school tomorrow

  • anything

even become meguca?


time for school

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destroy games journalism and the entire Indie Games Scene





*bully pushes you*

*you push bully back*

bully: wtf you piece of shit, that’s reverse bullying

Assuming this post is about what I think it’s about, this analogy is both absolutely terrible and a thinly veiled strawman

exactly, it’s more…

not apologizing for the bullies whatsoever

also, wasn’t aware that my skin color affected the validity of my opinions whatsoever, but i guess racism is prevalent on this site